Written by Mike Weber

Easily predict the success of your coaching business with scary accuracy or the failure of being able to predictably make money online...

If you have ANY score, but you did NOT check #’s 1 or 2 you get a ZERO because without those nothing else that you do matters. Don’t quit, but make sure you get the basics down first! 

0-3: You are either in the beginning stages or have a lot of MISSING PIECES. If you are just starting out that’s okay, keep going. 

If you have been in the GAME for a while but have a 3, the missing pieces are the reason you are struggling. If you stay at this score you won’t be successful. 

4-7: You have a solid foundation but need to put the pieces together. 

Again, if you are new, and working on checking off all of the items on the list, this is OKAY and your chances of success are GOOD. 

However, if you have been in online marketing for a few years or more and  have a 7 or less, this is why you are not as successful as you want to be.

If you do not improve your score, you may be moderately successful, but it’s going to be WAY harder than it has to be. 

8-11: Your chances of success are AWESOME if not GUARANTEED.

At this point it’s VITAL that you start to build your team if you haven’t yet.

You can PROUDLY call yourself an “online entrepreneur”. Keep adding the final pieces and watch your online business DREAM become REALITY!

In this video, I share how my existence become a reality and this moment is when my journey began. It took many different attempts of trials and error but this was my ultimate blessing in disguise. I eventually found what worked and what didn't.

Here's what we cover:

1. A customer avatar (also known as ideal client) is a detailed description of your perfect customer. This includes things like... 

2. Hungry, CAPABLE Buying Audience: The best way to explain this is that you can’t make people WANT what you have, you can only... 

3. Juicy Bait (aka Lead Magnet): 99% of your money in online marketing comes from your email list. So, how do you get the email address? 

4. Unique Value Proposition: The easiest way to describe ‘unique value proposition’ otherwise known as "UVP" is by thinking of it as your... 

5. Automatic Customer Conversion Machine: This is a fancy term for a website or known as a “funnel”. A funnel is a series of web pages that... 

6. Simple and Affordable Traffic Source: Traffic is the term for how many people visit your site. Having juicy bait and an amazing funnel is useless if... 

7. Subscription Product: Another big mistake we see online business owners make is that they don’t have any products that give them what’s called... 

8. Your unique selling proposition (aka USP) takes your UVP (unique value proposition) and puts it into language that your customer can understand. 

9. Your CORE OFFER is the main thing you SELL. It’s the product or service that helps your client GET your main benefit. They usually sell between... 

10. We consider ROCK SOLID email follow-up to have the following:
   1. AMAZING Copywriting (Wikipedia defines copywriting as the act of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing).
   2. PERFECT mix of FREE value/promotions (Educate them vs ask to buy).
   3. BEHAVIORALLY Based - This is when people receive emails based on whether they have opened or clicked earlier emails.

11. Consulting/Coaching: The BIGGEST mistake we see online business owners make is that they don’t have any professional guidance.

People want to save money and try to learn everything themselves. They don’t realize it is costing them more in the end. Wasting time and missed opportunities, where they could have been doing things the RIGHT way and could have made their initial investment back several times over again. 

Very successful businessmen know that they need to hire a specialist to get the job done right from the beginning. They don’t waste any time doing this because they want their business to do the best right from the start and make money.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

To your success!

Mike Weber and the team at worldwidebreakthrough.com

Mike Weber

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